Configuring MX records in Amazon Route53 for Google Apps

We got a new .io domain name from and later realized that is just a domain registrar and they do not provide DNS.

DNS is required for adding A records (the domain name to IP address mapping) and CNAME records (Canonical Name or aliases – say is an alias to So I ended up using Amazon Route53 for the DNS. Added the A record and CNAME and the URL started working in about 15mins. Next we wanted to setup emails like and created a Google Account. Google first verifies the domain – For this I had to add a TXT record in Route53. Next Google wanted to verify mail setup and asked me to add MX record with name “@” and 5 Google NS entries. Added the same in Route53 console but got error that my DNS is not reachable.

The trick that fixed the issue is not entering “@” for name in the Route53 MX record. Just leave it blank if you see this issue and the mail setup will work.


3 thoughts on “Configuring MX records in Amazon Route53 for Google Apps

  1. wordpress3zzz

    Ditto Mo, been going crazy trying to figure out why DNS on Route53 breaks our Gmail setup. This is most likely it – thanks!


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